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Motivational Interviewing in Advising and Mentoring
Academic Advisors are the starting blocks for actively supporting a student’s professional and interpersonal growth. In the context of the advisor-student relationship, motivational interviewing offers a great way to build a working alliance with students using basic communication skills. While a student may come to an appointment with the presented need of “fix this for me,” it is the advisor’s responsibility to aim towards supporting the student’s professional growth and learning. When advisors pull out their “MI compass,” advisors can guide student exploration of values and goals, develop student’s self-efficacy and help students come to their own solutions.

In a previous session, Dave Closson introduced the key components and process of motivational interviewing. This workshop offers the opportunity to learn and practice MI in an academic advisor setting.  All are welcome to join in even if you missed the session last spring. Note: Motivational Interviewing is widely used in a variety of clinical and counseling areas; and it can be applied in mentoring as well as advising students.
Starts Starts: 9/18/2019 12:00 PM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
Status Status: Closed
Class Size Class size: 50 seats
Closed Enrollment
Instructor Training on Respondus 4.0 (Creating + Managing Exams)

Respondus 4.0 is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to D2L Brightspace. Exams can be created offline using a familiar Windows environment. Whether you are a veteran of online testing or relatively new to it, Respondus will save you hours on each project.

The Respondus Test Bank Network enables instructors to create online tests – in just minutes – from official publisher test banks. The Respondus Test Bank Network is FREE to instructors who use Respondus 4.0 and adopt a participating textbook. It integrates seamlessly with Brightspace (D2L) and other learning systems.

NOTE: Respondus 4 can be loaded on an EIU owned computer by contacting ITS at 217-581-4357 or support@eiu.edu and requesting the installation. Be sure to include the red tag number and location of the computer.

This training will cover:

  1. Overview of Respondus 4.0 and its new user interface.

  2. Overview of the Test Bank Network, which includes official test banks from dozens of leading publishers.

  3. Creating test questions from test bank items with Respondus 4.0.

  4. Editing, formatting, and publishing test questions to your LMS from Respondus 4.0.

  • Q&A


    WEBINAR: The webinar will be live and online at the time listed using the GoToMeeting web conferencing software.

    NOTE: A web address for joining the session and additional information will be sent to registrants in the confirmation and reminder emails for the webinar.


    • Computer, tablet, or mobile device

    • High-speed Internet access

    • Speakers, headset, or earbuds

    • Optional: Microphone

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    Starts Starts: 10/3/2019 12:00 PM
    Sessions Session: 1
    Location Location:
    Status Status: 20 open seats left
    Class Size Class size: 25 seats
    Online Course Development Institute (OCDi)

    The Online Course Development Institute was established to provide faculty at Eastern Illinois University a professional development opportunity to experience best practices in online teaching and guidance in quality online course development. The OCDi is for EIU faculty developing or redesigning an online course and teaching online for the first time at EIU.


    The goal of the OCDi is to provide faculty with suggested guidelines and training necessary to develop a quality online course which will enhance the online teaching and learning experiences of both faculty and students and encourage effective engagement and collaboration in the online environment.


    “All instructors of online courses must submit proof of having completed the Online Course Development Institute (OCDI), Illinois Online Network’s “Master Online Teacher" certificate or another documented and equivalent training activity before teaching the courses/sections for the first time.” The EIU Online Course Policy can be found at https://www.eiu.edu/eiucaa/OnlineCoursePolicy.pdf.


    1. The participant will be able to develop a course for online delivery using standards presented for effective online course design.
    2. The participant will be able incorporate strategies for effective online teaching and learning.
    3. The participant will be able to integrate technologies that will engage students in the online environment and align with the course objectives.
    4. The participant will be able to meet the university requirement for teaching an online course.


    The course contains eight content modules. The topics of each module are listed below.

    1. Overview, Introduction, and Learner Support
    2. Learning Objectives and Instructional Design
    3. Accessibility and Usability
    4. Instructional Materials
    5. Course Activities and Learner Interaction
    6. Assessment and Measurement
    7. Course Technology
    8. Online Teaching Strategies


    The OCDi Training Course is an online, self-directed course. Participants work through the content modules at their own pace. However, the facilitator is always available to answer questions, provide consultation, review assignments, and post grades and feedback. The course includes online activities, online resources, technology tutorials, and an online synchronous discussion scheduled at the participant’s convenience.


    I am often asked the time requirement necessary to complete the OCDi training which is a difficult question to answer. The training originated as an 8-week face-to-face course followed by the completion of the online course development. The same course components remain but the course has been developed into a self-directed, online course. Because the course is self-paced, completion time often depends on many factors including the motivation, technology skills, experience, and time demands of the person completing the training.

    Dates Dates: Open Enrollment, Self-Paced
    Location Location:
    Status Status: 43 open seats left
    Class Size Class size: 100 seats
    Total: 3 Page size: